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Getting a birth control prescription online is convenient, affordable and confidential. Speak with a board certified medical provider and know your options! 

What Type of Birth Control Methods are Available?

Birth Control Treatment

The Pill

Overall 91% effective, 99% effective if taken the right way

Progestin only

Combined Progestin and Estrogen

Option for only 4 periods a year or no periods at all


Vaginal Ring

Overall 91% effective, 99% effective if used the right way

Insert ring and leave in for 3 weeks, leave out for 1 week then reinsert


The Implant

99% effective 

Gets replaced every 3 years


The Patch

Overall 91% effective, 99% effective if used the right way

Apply once a week for 3 weeks then off for 1 week 



99% effective

No hormone or low dose hormone options


The Shot

94% effective 

Birth Control Made Easy!



Schedule your appointment on the online secure patient portal after checkout. We offer evening hours as well. 

On a Video Call


You will have a virtual consultation with one of our board certified medical providers who will discuss all birth control options and together decide which one is best for you!

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Pick up your birth control at your pharmacy. Its that easy!

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