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Man Doing Blood Test

This screening test is used to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes. Having diabetes raises your risk for heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. 

Foods rich in cholesterol as eggs, liver

Learn about your total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides. Too much circulating cholesterol can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke.

The photo of thyroid is on the human bod

The thyroid gland is a vital hormone gland that plays a role in your metabolism and regulates many body functions. If you are fatigued and either gaining or losing weight unintentionally you should have your thyroid checked. 

Reaching Out to the Sun

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and helps prevent your bones from becoming brittle. Vitamin D also plays a role in your immune system, reduces inflammation and helps with glucose metabolism.

Women's health concept. Young woman hold

This test checks for the sexually transmitted HPV (human papilloma virus) that can cause cervical, vaginal, penile, anal, mouth and throat cancers. Most often before the age of 30 the virus can go away on its own. If the virus is still preset over the age of 30 there is an increased risk for cancer.

hands holding intestine shape, healthy b

The Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) can detect hidden blood in your stool that can be concerning for colon polyps, hemorrhoids, bleeding ulcers and/or colorectal cancer.

Snack Food

This test screens for 96 different types of food sensitivities. This test helps you to eliminate certain foods that may be causing you to have certain symptoms. Read more below to see the list of foods that are tested. 

Woman with Mask

This test checks for current or recent Covid-19 infection using PCR and viral RNA technology. 

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