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What if I test positive for a STD? 
Your telehealth provider will notify you on the online secure patient portal, you will receive information regarding the type of STD you tested positive for and you will receive a prescription sent to your pharmacy if indicated. 
Should I tell my sexual partner(s)?
It is important that you inform your sexual partner(s) if you test positive for a STD. Sharing this information will help stop the spread of the infection by allowing them to seek immediate testing and treatment. 
How often should I get tested for STD's?
Just because you have tested negative once does not mean that you can't get infected by STD's. In fact the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends that anyone under the age of 25 and anyone over the age of 25 with risk factors such as having multiple sex partners, sex partners with confirmed STD(s), sex partner who has concurrent partners, inconsistent condom use, if you are not in a monogamous relationship, if you have had an STD previously and if you exchange sex for money, you should be tested every year and often more frequently if you have multiple risk factors. Proactive HealthRx recommends that you keep getting tested especially if you have tested positive for an STD(s) in the past. Sexual Health should be a part of your regular healthcare. 
Do I still need to see my gynecologist for a PAP test? 
Yes. A PAP test does not check for STD's, an STD test may be ordered by your healthcare provider if indicated, if not a PAP test checks for atypical cells for cervical cancer. A physical examination by your gynecologist and a PAP test should be done at least every 3 years if normal. 
Can I see the same telehealth provider for my next visit?
Yes! We encourage you to see the same telehealth provider so you can receive consistent sexual health and wellness care. 
Do I have to use the home test kit or can I go to my local Lab to have my STD testing done? 
You do not have to use the home test kit if you prefer not to do so. We can order labs from Quest and Labcorp as well. 
What if Im having symptoms like vaginal or penile discharge, burning with urination, genital itching or other concerning symptoms for a STD do I have to wait for my test results before I can get treatment? 
No. If your provider feels that your symptoms and health history are concerning for an STD they will provide treatment prior to your test results coming back. 
Will my provider make me feel uncomfortable when talking to me about my sexual health history? 
No. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible that is why we have you fill out a sexual health history form that your provider will review prior to your appointment time. The provider will avoid directly asking you questions that you have already answered on your online form. The provider may ask for clarification if needed. Otherwise, please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions on your sexual health history form as well as the question regarding why you are seeking the telehealth visit. 
What puts me at risk for STD's and HIV? 
Having unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex, having multiple sex partners, having anonymous sex partner and having sex while under the influence. 
How can I prevent myself from getting STD's?
Use condoms, use a new condom for every sexual act, decrease the number of sexual partners, limit drug/alcohol use before sex, know your partners sexual history prior to sex acts and get screened routinely for STD's and HIV.

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